Welcome to all Philadelphia area UNC alumni, fans and friends. Thanks for visiting the online home of the Philadelphia Carolina Club. If you’re looking to connect with local Tar Heels , you’ve come to the right place.

The Philadelphia Carolina Club is your source for UNC related social, networking, athletic, educational and service opportunities. Whether it’s through a Tar Heel Service Day project, a happy hour or social or simply watching a Carolina game with friends, let the Philadelphia Carolina Club be your connection to Carolina, right at home.

Our club is recognized year after year by the General Alumni Association as an Old Well Club which is the top level of Carolina Clubs. This means that we work hard to provide a variety of events and activities to keep YOU connected to local Tar Heels . We can’t wait to meet you at our next event.

We’re always looking for new friends who share our love for Chapel Hill, so get in touch today and reconnect with your Carolina family.



Ajay Nair
Rinchen Lama
Rinchen Lama
Eric Schwenk
Eric Schwenk
Medicine '08
Nora Jabbour ’06, ’14
Nora Jabbour
Business Administration
MBA '14

Nora is a proud double Tar Heel, and wants nothing else than for UNC to beat dook and state every year!